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Ivan V. Simenog

Ivan V. Simenog 
General information


Date of birth: 1939 January 17

Higher education: Kharkiv university, 1961

Academic degree:
PhD, Institute of Physics of NASU, Kiev, 1967
Dr, Institute of Theoretical Physics Bogolyubov NASU, Kyiv, 1974

Position: professor (head of department of applied problems in theoretical physics of Bogolyubov Institute for theoretical physics)

Research interests

theoretical nuclear physics, quantum field theory, theory of few- and many-particle systems, ecology

Special courses

Total number of scientific papers:more than 110

A.G.Sitenko, I.V.Simenog "Inelastic scattering of electrons on nuclei and two-particle nucleon correlations", Nucl. Phys., v.80, p.535 (1965)

I.V.Simenog "Asymptotically exact solutions for Fermi systems", Teor. i Mat. Fiz., v.20, p.235 (1974) {in Russian}

I.V.Simenog "On asimptotics of the solution of stationary nonlinear Hartree equations", Teor. i Mat. Fiz., v.30, p.408 (1977) {in Russian}

I.V.Simenog, D.V.Shapoval "Interaction range perturbation theory for the three-particle problem", Teor. i Mat. Fiz., v.75, p.275 (1988) {in Russian}

D.V.Shapoval, I.V.Simenog "Threshold anomaly in doublet n-D scattering", Few-Body Systems, v.8, p.145 (1990)

J.W.Darevych, A.G.Sitenko, I.V.Simenog, A.I.Sitnichenko "Variational two- and three-particle solutions of the relativistic Yukawa model", Phys. Rev. C, v.117, p.1885 (1993)

I.V.Simenog, A.G.Sitenko, V.M.Khryapa, J.W.Darevych "Nonperturbative renormalization of mass in the scalar one-dimensional Yukawa model", Ukr. J. Phys., v.43, p.1346 (1998)

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