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Yuri V. Shtanov

Yuri V. Shtanov 
General information


Date of birth: 1964

Higher education: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1986
Academic degreePhD, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1991
Topic of: «Physical processes in the early universe and large-scale observation structural properties»

Position: lecturer
Research interests

Classical and quantum cosmology, cosmological inflation, dark matter and dark energy, theory of extra dimensions, modified gravity

Special courses
Topics diplomas and dissertations for students

Total number of scientific papers: 35

Yuri Shtanov and Hanna Pyatkovska, “Statistical anisotropy in the inflationary universe,” Phys. Rev. D 80, 023521 (2009).

Yuri Shtanov, Varun Sahni, Arman Shafieloo, and Alexey Toporensky, “Induced cosmological constant and other features of asymmetric brane embedding,” JCAP 04, 023 (2009).

Kirill Krasnov and Yuri Shtanov, “Non-metric gravity II: spherically symmetric solution, missing mass and redshifts of quasars,” Class. Quantum Grav. 25, 025002 (2008).

Alexander Viznyuk and Yuri Shtanov, “Spherically symmetric problem on the brane and galactic rotation curves,” Phys. Rev. D 76, 064009 (2007).

Varun Sahni and Yuri Shtanov, “APSIS – an Artificial Planetary System in Space to probe extra-dimensional gravity and MOND,” Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 17, 453–466 (2008).

Petr Tretyakov, Aleksey Toporensky, Yuri Shtanov, and Varun Sahni, “Quantum effects, soft singularities and the fate of the universe in a braneworld cosmology,” Class. Quantum Grav. 23, 3259–3274 (2006).

Varun Sahni, Yuri Shtanov, and Alexander Viznyuk, “Cosmic mimicry: Is LCDM a braneworld in disguise?,” JCAP 12, 005 (2005).

Varun Sahni and Yuri Shtanov, “Did the universe loiter at high redshifts?,” Phys. Rev. D 71, 084018 (2005).

Yuri Shtanov and Varun Sahni, “Bouncing braneworlds,” Phys. Lett. B 557, 1–6 (2003).

Varun Sahni and Yuri Shtanov, “New vistas in braneworld cosmology,” Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 11, 1515–1521 (2000).

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Gennady Chibisov and Yuri Shtanov, “Chaotic inflationary universe and the anisotropy of the large scale structure,” Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 5, 2625–2646 (1990).

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