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Students of quantum field theory

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Quantum field theory is that unique branch of science, covering both the physics of the microworld, establishing a possible structure of the elementary constituents of matter - electrons, protons, neutrons, ... and macro physics, studying the birth, evolution and structure of the universe as a whole. The intersection of the object in cosmology and high energy physics indicates the existence of deep relationships between the infinitely large and infinitely small. The reason for this unity is rooted in the quantum nature of matter and all physical fields, including gravity, which describes the geometry of the universe and its evolution. Thus two opposites match within a single concept - quantum field theory.

Man has always sought to find general principles that underlie all phenomena in nature. Our confidence in the existence of a unified theory based on the fact that everything in the universe, including ourselves, is composed of elementary particles, and particles of each class behave quite the same in any part of the universe, which is available for observation. This allows you to extend the knowledge of the microcosm of the entire universe and try to find an answer to the original question of why the world is arranged just so and not otherwise. The laws governing the behavior of elementary particle physics are the basis of the microcosm. If you add the principles of modern cosmology, in particular, the assumption that about 15 billion years ago the universe began with a meager hot balls the size of 10-33 cm, a rapidly expanding, we get all the fundamental laws of nature. They are the basis not only physics but also astronomy, chemistry, biology, ... - Virtually all the natural sciences. When in 1928 the British physicist Dirac created a quantum theory of the electron, he proudly noted that this equation explains much of the physics and all chemistry. Since then, science has gone far ahead and were found quantum laws of electromagnetic, weak and nuclear interactions, and laid the foundations of quantum gravity. It became possible after the invention of general principles, which are subject to all physical fields. So there was a quantum field theory. Studying quantum mechanics you meet with such unusual things as quantum-mechanical uncertainty and corpuscular-wave dualism, the effect pidbar'yernoho tunneling and the Pauli principle of prohibition, antibody, and virtual particles. In special courses that are taught in our department, you will learn how particles can be produced from vacuum in the external charge, as is combining the electromagnetic and weak forces into a single electroweak interaction.Get an idea of quantum gravity and nature of the vacuum of quantum birth of new universes and evaporation of black holes.

The principles of quantum mechanics, the principle of relativity and the principle of causality the basis of quantum field theory. It is considered that the variety of natural phenomena can be described, while remaining within the above principles.Many of the effects of quantum field theory gives good agreement with experiment. For example, in quantum electrodynamics the magnetic moment of an electron is set to record up to date - up to ten decimal places! At the same time the nature of elementary particles and the vacuum structure is not completely understood and discrepancy theory and experiment is sometimes zbentezhuyuchy great. This suggests that quantum field theory is not yet fully completed science (as many other branches of physics), and continues to develop intensively and enriched with new ideas.

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