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Dear university entrant!
We invite, propose, recommend you to enter
"Nuclear and particle physics"!

Bachelor, specialist and master training are provided by chairs of Nuclear Physics and Quantum Field Theory.

The wide variety of special courses of these chairs will allow you to orient confidently in all directions of modern theoretical and experimental nuclear and particle physics and to work productively on its progressive border.

First and second year students gain fundamental knowledge in general and theoretical physics, higher mathematics and programming. After finishing second year of study, students who want to devote themselves to experimental nuclear physics will continue study at the chair of Nuclear Physics, and students who want to be theoreticians - at the chair of Quantum Field Theory.

Our graduated students widely communicate with research institutions and academies, such as Institute for Theoretical Physics, Institute for Nuclear Research, Institute for Physics, Institute of Cellular Engineering, Institute of Hydrobiology, Kharkiv University, Institute of Nuclear Physics in Tashkent, Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna), Moskow State University, Kharkiv Physical Technological Institute, Tbilisi Institute for Physics, Physical Institute in Gatchino (Leningrad region), Acktubinsk State University (Kazakhstan), Debrezen University, Institute of Josef Stefan (Lublyana, Slovenia), Norwegian Institute for science and technology (Norway), Krakow University (Poland), Amsterdam University (Netherlands). Nuclear physics department collaborates with such foreign organizations as North-western Pacific National Laboratory (USA, international program of nuclear security), Aragon National Laboratory (USA) and CERN (Schwitzerland), GSI (Darmstadt, Germany).

Lecturers and collaborators of the department (O.H.Sitenko, A.H.Zaghorodniy, V.M.Mal'nev, S.I.Vilchinskii, I.M.Kadenko, V.M.Pliuyko, V.A.Shevchenko, B.Y.Leschenko, H.I.Primenko, Y.M.Onischuk, O.A.Bezshiyko) gave reports and lectures abroad (in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Schwitzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Ethiopia, Australia, Italy).

Lecturers of the department wrote many scientific monographs and textbooks for students: O.H.Sitenko "Scattering Theory", "Theory of Nuclear Reactions"; O.H.Sitenko, V.K.Tartakovskii "Lections on Nuclear Theory"; O.I.Akhiezer, O.H.Sitenko, V.K.Tartakovskii "Nuclear Electrodynamics"; O.H.Sitenko, V.M.Mal'nev "Foundations of Plasma Theory"; V.I.Strizhak, M.E.Hurtoviy, B.Y.Leschenko, H.O.Prokopets, S.P.Sitko "Physics of Fast Neutrons"; V.I.Strizhak, M.E.Hurtoviy, B.Y.Leschenko "Questions of Fast Neutron Physics. Spectroscopy of Fast Neutrons on Flight Time"; V.I.Strizhak "Questions of Fast Neutron Physics"; V.A.Pliuyko "Foundations of Nuclear Theory and Nuclear Processes. Nuclear Physics"; I.M.Kadenko, V.A.Pliuyko "Foundations of Evaluation Methods of Statistical Data and Their Distribution Functions"; V.V.Begun, O.V.Horbunov, I.M.Kadenko, E.M.Pysmenniy, A.Y.Zenyuk, L.L.Litvinskiy "Probabilistic Analysis of Nuclear Plant Security"; M.E.Kucherenko, S.V.Khizhnyak, R.Z.Vekslyarskiy, V.M.Voytsitskiy "Erythrocytes of Small Intestine and Radiation"; P.H.Balan, R.Z.Vekslyarskiy, Y.H.Veres, V.M.Voytsitskiy, S.P.Irkliyenko, D.V.Lukashov, O.O.Orlov "Model Groups of Spineless Animals as Indicators of Ecosystem Radioactive Pollution". Many of these books are translated into English and other foreign languages.

Nowadays, chairs of Nuclear Physics and Quantum Field Theory trains high level broad specialists - future scientists of research institutes from Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences and qualified teachers. During its lifetime our chair trained more than 1000 (QFT - about 350 specialists of theoretical nuclear physics, particle physics, quantum field theory, plasma physics and physical kinetics; department of Nuclear Physics trained about 750 nuclear physicists in directions of experimental nuclear physics, experimental high energy physics and particle physics, nuclear energy, medical physics). Graduated students work in many scientific research institutes in Kyiv, in Kyiv University, in schools and academies of Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, CIS countries and far abroad (USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, France, Schwitzerland, Japan, Australia). More than 150 graduates from experimental physical department defended candidate and doctoral theses.

Our students defend diploma works by results of original research in such directions as quantum field theory, theoretical nuclear physics, high energy and particle physics, plasma physics and physical kinetics, gravitation and cosmology, experimental nuclear physics, nuclear energetic, medical physics etc.

The departments have modern technical and computer base. At the finish of study the best students may have several articles in native and foreign journals.

The best students starting from second year takes part in research and commercial projects, can study in summer schools, which takes place in Europe and USA, with lecturers they take part in huge experiments on high energy and particle physics in the biggest European acceleration complexes.

During studying students gain deep knowledge in physics, mathematics, English, informational technologies, which provides guaranteed further job employment.

Specialist training is provided by teachers on the staff of departments and by foremost scientists from Institute for Theoretical Physics, Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Nuclear Research. Six lecturers and collaborators of experimental physics department became Ukrainian State Prize in field of science and technologies winners in 2000: I.M.Kadenko, H.I.Primenko, V.A.Shevchenko, B.Y.Leschenko, H.O.Prokopets, V.K.Maidanyuk.

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