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The list of special courses that are given to students of Quantum Field Theory Chair (2011-2012 year)

third year

cours name
  Introduction to QFT O.A. Buriy
  Quantum mechanics in Feynman formalism O.V. Barabash
  Relativistic theory of gravitation S.I. Vilchynskyy
  Cosmology S.I. Vilchynskyy
  Quantum mechanics of particles with spin .S. Dotsenko
  Relativistic quantum mechanics O.V. Barabash
  Methods of group theory in particle physics O.M. Gavrylyk
  Fundamentals of symmetry theory P.. Golod
  Additional chapters of math. physics .. Yakimenko


forth year

cours name
  Methods of Lie group theory P.. Golod
  Infinite dimensional Lie algebra in QFT O.M. Gavrylyk
  Quantum field theory Y.O. Sitenko
  Quantum electrodynamics Y.O. Sitenko
  Applied quantum electrodynamics V.. Gorkavenko
  Electroweak interactions V.P. Gusynin
  Quantum chromodynamics O.V. Barabash
  Scattering theory .V. Simenog
  Quantum mechanics of particles with spin .S. Dotsenko
  Quantum statistics V.. Mal'nev
  Physical kinetics .. Yakimenko
  Electrodynamics of plasma A.H. Zagorodniy
  Statistic theory of coulomb systems A.H. Zagorodniy
  Quantum Bose systems D.V. Anchishkin
  Approximate methods in quantum mechanics .V. Simenog


fifth year

cours name
  Gauge theories V.P. Gusynin
  Statistic quantum field theory A.. Bugriy
  Nonperturbative methods in QFT Y.O. Sitenko
  Quantum field theory on lattices O.. Borisenko
  Modern particle physics .P. Kobushkin , E.S. Martinov
  Theory of many body systems .V. Simenog
  Supersymmetry and quantum groups O.M. Gavrilik
  Quantum integrity and quantum inform. E.D. Bilokolos
  Modern problems of nuclear physics V.K. Petrov ..

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